Saturday, March 13, 2010

AMI-Hawaii Awards Banquet: Hale Ikena

Our very own AMI-Hawaii Serenaders

Nip and Jeanine (emcees)

Juli and Jeanine

Cathy and Nip

Scott and Dawn

Our wonderful "Pick a prize" station

Service Award: Roberta Searle
with husband Robert

Past and Current Mothers of the Year

Wong Family

Hallstrom family

Cathy Wong and Julianne Hallstrom
2010 Mothers of the Year

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Mother of the Year
Cathy Smith Wong

Wong Family

Cathy Wong was born and raised in North Carolina. Her Heritage is Irish, English, and Native American. Cathy has been married for 23 years to Darrell and has 2 children. They both dedicate their lives to their Savior Jesus Christ so that they may teach their children life lessons by living the examples that Christ has given them. Cathy attended Coastal Carolina University and Brigham Young University Hawaii studying Social Work and Human Development. She has been a Memorial Counselor for 15 years.

She has served her church and community for many years. Her most important achievements throughout her adult live have been serving and loving God and family. Motherhood has been her greatest calling and by working and making her family a priority, she has learned that "Success outside the Home can never compensate for Failure in the Home.

2010 Young Mother of the Year
Julianne Hallstrom

Hallstrom family

Juli Hallstrom was born in Colorado and moved to Hawaii when she was 8 years old. She currently resides in Manoa on the island of Oahu. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese from BYU, with a minor in Art History. Juli served as a missionary for 18 months in Sapporo, Japan before marrying her high school sweetheart, Jeff Hallstrom, in 1999. They are now blessed with 4 children-- 2 boys and 2 girls-- ages 1 through 9. Juli gets a great deal of joy (and some pretty funny stories) out of being a stay at home mom, but also loves her book club, gardening with her kids, serving in the children's organization at church, getting together with other moms, digital scrapbooking, dating her hubby, and, recently, artisan bread-making.